De Nachtwacht Steak & BBQ since 1973

Restaurant De Nachtwacht already exists for about 40 years and is situated in the dazzling nightlife of Amsterdam. In 1973 the restaurant was founded by two large families well known in the catering industry. Back then they owned together De Nachtwacht, Castell, Castillio and 'T Seepeard, the big four of Amsterdam. Until the year 2000 the families have always worked together, however since then they decided to go their own ways. A part of the family continued De Nachtwacht until quite recently.

In April 2010 De Nachtwacht was taken over by a young entrepeneur. He was already a big fan of the concept of De Nachtwacht. Therefore he will carry on this concept with great pleasure. As from April 2010 until June 2011 some small renovations have taken and will take place. These are somewhat small investments in maintenance which will help to get its fresh appearance back.