De Nachtwacht: Aware of meat

At the end of 2011 Restaurant De Nachtwacht started a new concept that lays focus on better life conditions for the cattle we get our meat from. To us this means that we mostly buy our meat by Dutch farmers. Some major advantages of this policy are that we know exactly in which fields the calves were kept, how they were fed and that the transportation has been kept to a minimum. What\s also very important to us, is that the calves are brought up without any growth stimulants.

In our restaurant we sell beef from the Blond d'Aquitaine cattle from Palmesteyn. This special breed lives in the national park of the Betuwe on the estate of Noordenhoek in Deil. The originally French blonde race was brought to the Netherlands 25 years ago and is bred on the estate of Palmesteyn in an extensive and environmentally friendly way. Because of the natural and elaborate way of breeding the animal can develop itself slowly and well. Space, healthy food (90% is grown in the Betuwe), good care and natural herd are the key ingredients that you can taste in the honest meat of the Blonde d'Aquitaine.

The taste

The meat of the Blonde d'Aquitaine has a very delicate structure. This is because of the fact that the cattle grazes outside on the meadow most parts of the year. What is worth mentioning as well is that the calves matures an average of six months longer on the estate. The slower ripening benefits the flavor and tenderness of this pure meat.

Some other steaks we serve come from the USA and Ireland.

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